Getting Started

Navigating BrandBuildr: A User-Friendly Guide

Welcome to BrandBuildr, the dynamic platform where brand strategy becomes as intuitive as it is powerful. Below is a structured guide on how to seamlessly navigate through the platform to maximize your brand-building efforts.

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Dashboard: Your Command Center

Upon logging into BrandBuildr, you’ll land on the Dashboard, which serves as your command center. Here, you can:

Track Projects & Clients:
Instantly view the number of ongoing projects and clients you’re managing.

Create New Projects or Clients:
Begin a new project or add a new client with ease, setting the stage for strategy development.

Explore Strategy Models:
Access a wealth of strategy models by clicking on ‘View all’ to find the perfect fit for your brand's needs.

Manage Projects:
View and sort through your projects in one place. Click ‘View all’ to organize them as per your preference.

Organize Clients:
View and sort your clients, ensuring you have a streamlined overview. Choose ‘View all’ to manage your clientele.

Projects: Where Strategies Take Shape

In the Projects section, you’ll find:

View Projects:
Projects are auto-filtered by deadline, so you know what needs immediate attention.

Display Options:
Choose between a list view or a block view for an organized visual of your projects.

Filter Projects:
Sort projects by client, project type or strategy model, status, or deadline to find exactly what you're looking for quickly.

Clients: Keeping Client Details Organized

Under Clients, BrandBuildr allows you to:

View Clients:
See all your clients at a glance.

Manage Clients:
Add new clients, delete, or archive older entries to keep your list current and manageable.

Settings: Customizing Your Experience

The Settings section offers personalization and security:

Update and manage your personal information to keep your profile up-to-date.

Adjust your security settings for peace of mind.

White Label:
Customize the platform to align with your brand, providing a consistent brand experience for your clients.

Manage your subscriptions and billing information.