Getting Started

Creating a New Client Profile In BrandBuildr Is Easy

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Access Clients from Navigation:
Start by accessing the 'Clients' section from the navigation bar. This is where you'll manage all your client information.

Clients as Brands:
Remember, clients can be viewed as individual brands within For each client or brand, you can create and manage different strategy models and create unique brand paths.

New Client Button:
To add a new client, click on the 'New Client' button. You'll find this on the right-hand side. You can also add a new client in the next available space in the block view which is the default view of the Client Page.

Company Logo:
Select a company logo with square dimensions, for example, 500x500 pixels or 1000x1000 pixels. If the client doesn't have a logo yet, you can upload a temporary image for identification purposes or leave the logo space blank and the space will assume the colour selected in the tag.

Company Details:
Enter the company details. This includes Company name, Key contact you'll be working with, along with their, Phone number, and email.

Customize Your Tag:
Customizing your tag provides an easy way to identify different brands or clients, especially as your portfolio grows.

Tag Name:
Choose a tag name. An abbreviated version of the company's name, such as CCL for Coca-Cola or NKE for Nike, works well.

Tag Colors:
Select the background and text colors for your tag. If the brand's identity is not yet defined, choose a temporary color scheme that you can easily identify.

Upload Documents:
You can upload any client documents that you might have, which AI Assist can reference later on. This includes company information, briefs, or any research documents.

Once all the information is entered and you've uploaded any necessary documents, hit 'Save'. Your new client profile is now ready, and you can start creating their first strategy model.