Getting Started

Crafting Your First Brand Strategy Project: Step-by-Step Guide

This guide will walk you through the process of starting your first project, step-by-step, ensuring you have all the resources and know-how at your fingertips to start the building process.

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Access and Overview:

Access Projects from Navigation:
To begin, navigate to the Projects page by using the navigation bar on the left side of your screen.

Projects Page:
Initially, the Projects page will be empty, but as you create projects, this will become the central hub where all your strategies are organized.

Filter Projects:
The page allows you to filter and view projects based on various criteria such as client, project type/strategy model, status, and deadline, allowing you to organise and find projects easily.

Project Views and Creation:

Display Options:
Customize how you view your projects by toggling between block and list views, and further sort them to your preference.

New Project Button:
When you’re ready to create a new project, simply click the “New project” button or click in the next available space to get started.

Step-by-Step Creation Process

Strategy Model:
First, choose the strategy model that aligns with your goals. Options include brand strategy, marketing strategy, offer strategy and many mor. Select your model and proceed to the next step

Project Name Selection:
Input your project name - if you don’t have a set naming convention, choose a name that you will remember and that represents the project scope. Remember, you can always edit this later.

Client Assignment:
Assign the project to an existing client or add a new client profile.

Initial Details Addition:
Add any initial details you have, such as a project brief, research findings, or notes. While AI does not use this section, it's crucial for your reference.

Document Upload:
Upload any pertinent documents such as additional research, a detailed brief, or company information. These documents will become available for AI to reference during the strategy development phase.

Project's Final Deadline:
Choose the final due date for the entire project.

Milestone Mapping:
Break down the project into milestones if necessary, selecting specific blocks of the strategy model to correspond with each milestone.

Customize Deadlines:
You have the flexibility to enter custom deadlines that align with your personal project management style.

Project Homepage:
After submitting the details, you'll be taken to your project homepage.

Building Your Strategy:
Here, you can start building your strategy, piece by piece, with all the tools and resources at your disposal.