Getting Started

How To Run Projects & AI Assist

You’ll learn how to run a project, use AI Assist and access resources and examples

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Access Project

From your dashboard, you can find your latest project or you can click all projects to explore your full portfolio

If you’re starting a new project hit the “New Project” button on the top right. If you need more guidance, be sure to check out the “How To Create A New Porject” video in the getting started section

From the Projects page, select the project you wish to run and you’ll be taken to that Project home page

From here you’ll see all of the project blocks that the specific strategy model is built from, Remember, every strategy model has it’s own unique blocks.

You can access any block from this page but it’s recommended to follow the process from beginning to end.

To get going click on the first block or hit let's build.

Question Panel

When you land on the Strategy Builder page, you’ll see some distinct sections

The title bar provides you with the critical project info

You can also access the project home page from here

Below, the progress bar shows the project blocks and sections of the current block

You can hover over the section and block numbers to find the relevant titles

On the bottom right, you’ll see the question panel. This panel displays one question at a time

It’s important to note that each question follows the structured process of the strategy model

Simply answering one question at a time and following the process will take you from beginning to end.

AI Assist Panel

To the right of the questions panel you’ll find the AI assist panel which is broken up into the following sections: AI Assist / Examples / Resources / Notes

Resources offers block and section specific learning opportunities in videos, blocks specific presentations cheatsheets, checklists and more

You can play the videos for clients and teams as a preview to the block, use slides to provide your own presentation or simply study these in your own time to become a better strategist and consultant

Examples provide you with answers examples for every single question, offering different perspectives from different markets.

And Finally AI Assist – this is where the power of pattern matching, contextual learning and compounding insights are found

Simply start with the first question in the questions panel and provide answers as a solo strategist or in collaboration with clients and teams

Provide answers that are as specific as possible and build on the specificity with each question.

You have the option to skip a question or even a section but it is highly recommended to complete every question in every section to give AI as much context as possible

Once you’re a few questions in, AI will be able to understand the context and provide informed suggestions to questions

Simply hit on the “Suggest” button on the right hand side.

AI Assit will provide a specific answer to the question considering the previous questions and answers. It will also consider any text you have in the answer box for that particular question

To use the answer AI Assist provides, hit the “Add to answer” button or ask AI to “Suggest an Alternative” answer.

You can also discuss the answer with AI or ask for something more specific in the box below – to clear the conversation hit “Clear All”